About Lee Strauss


Lee Strauss is a USA TODAY bestselling author of several cozy historical mystery series: The Ginger Gold Mysteries series, The Rosa Reed Mystery series, The Higgins & Hawke Mystery series, as well as A Nursery Rhyme Mystery series (mystery suspense), The Light & Love series (sweet romance), The Clockwise Collection (YA time travel romance), and young adult historical fiction with over a million books read. She has titles published in German and French, and a growing audio library. 

When Lee’s not writing or reading she likes to cycle, hike, and stare at the ocean. She loves to drink caffè lattes and red wines in exotic places, and eat dark chocolate anywhere.

CONTACT: leestraussbooks@gmail.com


More About Lee


I was born in Aurora Illinois, a suburb of Chicago to Canadian parents which makes me a dual citizen. By the time I was two we were residents of San Jose, CA. I might've grown up there, as my parents had green cards, but then my dad got drafted for the war in Vietnam. A good time for Canadians to return to Canada! I'm a little saddened by that since I hate cold and winter and would've made a great California Girl. 🙂 Thankfully I live in the most temperate part of Canada in the Okanagan Valley which is a strip of desert that snakes up from California. Kelowna is known for its beaches, fruit orchards and wineries.

I married a musician when I was twenty-two and signed up for an adventurous and non-conventional life. We've lived in Kelowna, Vancouver, West Germany, Boston and back to Kelowna with a part-time residence in East Germany. My husband and I are also involved with a humanitarian effort in Romania and have made several trips there. You can find out more about that here: http://www.newhorizonromania.com/

In all I've traveled to fourteen European countries, Mexico, fourteen American states, and six Canadian provinces. Africa, Central and South America and Asia are on my bucket list.

I had four children in six years, three boys and a girl. It was during the time with all the bed time stories that I first thought that maybe I could write. At the time I was sketching and painting, but I needed something that the kids couldn't get into, so I started reading everything I could from the library on writing and publishing including every single Writer's Digest Magazine. Then I started writing. And I wasn't very good. It took quite a long time before I began to master the craft and find my voice as a writer.

The first time the penny dropped was when I was writing Clockwise, a humorous YA time travel romance. I finally found my groove! Clockwise continues to be a favorite book amongst my readers. I found my first agent with Clockwise, however she was unable to make a sale. She recommended that I self-publish it. I did and I was hooked. I love being in control of my own career. Writing and publishing works great for me and my situation since I can write from anywhere. I love the mobility it affords and I can't think of too many jobs I could take with me on the road. Since writing Clockwise I've published seven YA/tween titles, four sweet romances and numerous cozy mysteries.