So Much Social Media!

No one can deny that there’s a surplus of social media platforms on the docket. Facebook! Instagram! TikTok! Those are the big three driving forces at the moment. You can read about my launching into TikTok HERE

So what’s a girl to do? Or more to the point, what’s an author to do? 

Hire a Social Media Manager!

My husband Norm and I have worked on many projects together over the years including work for our writing and publishing company, La Plume Press. Now, Norm’s up to his ears with video creating and editing. (Secretly, I think he’s in love with Faux Ginger. Who’s she, you ask? You’ll have to watch the videos!)

Along with Faux Ginger, we’re filming FAQ, murder plot skits and whatever else suits our fancy. 

We enlisted our friend Victor, a fellow snowbird, to film our murder plot skits. 

Norm and I got the idea from our book plotting sessions. We pondered how funny it would be if someone overheard us brainstorming how to kill off our next fictional victim!

Victor is our hapless eavesdropper, lol.

The good news is we’re cross posting on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, with plans to upload to Youtube in the future, so you can watch them on whatever platform you’re most comfortable with. 

Instagram Reels

Facebook Reels

Tik Tok Video

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