The Oldest Boxing Club in all of Britain…

Set in what is historically one of the poorest parts of London in the area of Bethnal Green, this former Victorian Bathhouse was turned into the Repton Boxing Club in 1884. Because boxing requires little or no equipment (in the past bare-knuckle fighting was common), it gave poor and working-class men a chance to gain both fortune and recognition. The Club’s Motto was “No guts… no glory”, which meant that having a tough reputation was likely to get you somewhere, no matter your background!  

Since it’s inception a diverse range of people have trained at this club, including World Champions and Olympic Gold Medalists… and, infamously, the Kray Twins, notorious gangsters who were involved in murder, armed robbery, arson, protection rackets and assaults in the 1950s and 60s.

The Boxing Club is also known for its retro aesthetic appeal. Since 1971 when the Club was moved to a new building it has remained virtually unchanged since. With nothing done to it for half a century, the place has attracted magazine photographers, musicians and film directors. There is a classic ‘film noir’ look when you walk inside, and in the past filmed directors begged the chairman to not change the look of it. Famous movies filmed there include Lock Stock and two Burning Barrels along with music videos by famous artists such as JLS, Plan B and Take That. 

Pretty interesting for a Boxing Club, don’t you think?

Speaking of boxing…. Ginger Gold is at it again in Murder at the Boxing Club. The exterior picture above will help you to picture the scene of the crime. 🙂

Book 20!

Murder’s a knockout!

Despite her misgivings and general distaste for fighting sports, Mrs. Ginger Reed, also known as Lady Gold, agrees to attend a boxing match to support her adopted son’s cousin, a street fighter who’s quickly risen in the ranks.

But when his opponent, the presumed champion-to-be, drops out and then drops dead, Ginger and her husband, Basil, a chief inspector at Scotland Yard, investigate. Was the fighter dead because of sports-betting gone awry? Were London gangs involved? And has an old, but newly present danger returned to threaten the Reed family?

When one of their own falls prey, the gloves come off and the fight becomes personal. Can Ginger and Basil save their family and stop a killer before the towel is thrown in the ring?

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  1. I have read every Ginger Gold, Haley and Hawke, and Rosa Reed books. Can’t wait for this next book. Thank you for such entertaining reads. Love Ginger’s journal too!

  2. I have read all of the Ginger stories as well as all of the Higgins and Hawkes books. Still working my way thru the Rosa series. Ive enjoyed each of them and get excited when a new one comes out. I preorder from Amazon immediately when a new one is announced. Yes, I’m a huge fan! I know you have a lot going on in real life, but please keep up the good work!

    Prayers for you and yours!

  3. Yes, read the first 19 books. I get and read as soon as I see that they are out. So glad all boxes are on KINDLE as that is the only way I can afford to read books. Also love Rosa’s books. They all are awesome !!!

  4. Looking forward to this next book! Have been reading & enjoying all in succession and always ready for the next one to be available. Thank you for Ginger Gold and her mystery solving – they are such a pleasure to read.

  5. I love a lady Gold mysteries. I’ve read all 19 so far and also Rosa her daughter mysteries also. Live the story lines the detail to fashion and period of time. The characters have such depth. They’re truly great reads and have recommended them to my friends as well.

  6. Read them all and loved everyone. Started on the Rosa Reed series. Can’t wait to read the new installment